An apparatus functional and a compact kitchen is ideal for any home, especially for those who have limited kitchen space. For efficiency in the kitchen, but with a space-saving feature, you’ll love to have a microwave oven in your kitchen. You can choose from several brands of microwave counter that come in compact sizes. These are ideal for a small kitchen because it does not occupy much space on the counter. It can also be installed on the wall or over a gas stove, as in the case of a microwave oven on the range. Samsung MG11H2020CT offers a wide variety of microwave ovens, such as solitaire, grill type and the type of convection microwave oven. Here are the best features of each type of microwave by Samsung. Many chefs agree that having a counter top microwave Samsung stainless steel in the kitchen is a great help. Especially for busy people who arrive home tired and want to have a good fast food. A stainless steel counter top microwave is one of the trends today because it never rusts and is easy to clean. When it comes to quality and durability, stainless steel is best known for him. Having a microwave stainless steel counter top in the kitchen Samsung is as fulfilling their dream kitchen microwave as this can cook much faster and many drinks and dishes. Nor is time-consuming and surely can save energy. There is stainless steel hob Samsung microwave can do all as grilling, roasting, baking, and cooking or heating food too.

The main drawback of some microwave is that you can not feed that appetizing brown appearance and pleasant, but depends on how it is used correctly. Many companies were even trying to improve its high-performance microwave. What is important is that you can cook food through it that the taste will not change and does not have a foul smell. People who prefer a golden brown finish or want to bake a perfect cake with crispy golden crust complete, then one should choose a microwave with a combination that can properly cook inside. Eating healthy foods is so important in the body of all food is honest and healthy food as well. In staying ahead with technology, Samsung is in it and no difficult task for them, especially with their different models and sizes of your microwave stainless steel consisting of some built in the exhaust system carrying free system problems. With the features of the option is the use of sensor technology rapidly heat or defrost food and has a ventilation system of the machine that helps eliminate impulse steam and cooking odors.

Just a touch of a button, everything is automatic when simple programmable cooking follows that cooks food faster than normal speed cooking and apart from that, you can save your valuable time. It is easy to use and menu options self-explanatory. Note that the effects of stainless steel are very popular because it has a modern look that coordinates with any color scheme of the kitchen.

The microwave is an essential kitchen appliance that makes it faster and easier cooking. To help women and cooks perform their task of cooking with ease and joy, Samsung presents a broad range of microwave ovens – solo, grill, and convection. Microwave range from Samsung is designed with unique features including quick defrost, innovative Convection Microwave Trio, ceramic glaze, Vapor Clean System, Pro-steam FRY SLIM technology, Smart Sensor moisture, fermentation technology, Technology Tandoor, TDS and ECO Mode setting.

Rapid thawing technology Samsung allows you to defrost frozen foods evenly in a short space of time transforming your food back to your fresh, previously frozen. The innovative Convection Microwave Trio increases the efficiency of the microwave with three different heat sources – Ceramic heater, quartz heater and heater cover. The Pro-steam is an exclusive technology that gives delicious, perfect results. With this technology, the food remains moist and nutritious. You do not have to worry about the effects of consumption of fried foods such as Samsung microwave ovens are designed with the FRY SLIM technology. This technology makes use circulating hot air generated by the heaters to cook food without frying, so it is crispy outside and juicy inside. Intelligent humidity sensor determines the level of humidity inside and analyzes whether complete the cooking stage, eliminating over or undercooked foods. Fermentation technology puts Samsung at the right temperature to prepare fresh and delicious meals. Also, Samsung microwave ovens are designed with technology that provides Tandoor tandoor-like conditions with a temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius for preparing roti and naan crispy with a single touch. Samsung microwave is designed with ceramic glaze to avoid any scratch. The steam cleaning system makes cleaning the oven easy and straightforward task. You can fill the clean steam container with water, stick to the wall of the microwave oven and click the button steam cleaning. This cleaning system kills bacteria and keeps your oven clean and hygienic.

Where to buy Samsung MG11H2020CT?

Therefore, if you decide to buy this great retro style and elegant single microwave oven, go to the Amazon. is the best place to buy this microwave oven. We also offer discounts and free shipping for the product. The stainless steel hob Samsung microwave is a great kitchen appliance stainless steel that combines a powerful 1000 Watts heating power system with an impressive 300 CFM ventilation. Aside control panel, a design of one-piece door, a ventilation system 300 CFM, worktop halogen lights, carbon filters, levels of 10 power and automatic/reheating function defrost, this microwave it is among the most preferred and best for cooking large meals in homes, hotels and other large institutions. It has a weight of 46.8 lbs and dimensions 15.2 x 29.9 x 16.9 inches.


  • This microwave is a very powerful 1000 watt power heating which heats very fast dishes.
  • The black exterior finish of stainless steel is sleek and complements the decor of your kitchen, especially when placed on the range.
  • It has a light weight makes it very easy to install.
  • The stainless steel hob Samsung microwave saves its fight against the space as it is placed on the range.
  • The price of this unit is easy to pocket making it affordable for most customers.


  • The buttons on this microwave are very hard to push.
  • Most customers have complained about the pre-programmed settings indicating that stop working at all sudden
  • Customer service sometimes does not respond to questions and problems from customers.
  • The engine is quite noisy when heated at the highest setting.


It is not all about bells and whistles; Most appliances should come with some disadvantages. The upper stainless steel microwave Samsung Counter, however, comes with only minor drawbacks that are due to the customer experience and feedback. However, this unit has lots of great features, sleek and modernized the kitchen every fan looks forward to the experience technologies.


The stainless steel hob Samsung microwave was the category leader. Powered by 1000 watts, this unit has very amazing features and technologies that all cooking enthusiasts should not miss the experience. It has sleek dimensions, which makes it clicks into the counter and the price is very affordable for most customers.

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