It’s hard to find any other satisfying over the range microwave at this price. Sharp ZR331ZS  Countertop Microwave Oven is a great bargain!  This microwave is pretty basic, it has all the basic functions a normal middle range countertop microwave has, which are – 12 automatic settings, defrosting, reheating and cooking. It’s designed for those people who want to save precious countertop space by mounting up the microwave but don’t want to spend the price of a standard over the range microwave oven.

Sharp ZR331ZS is not any lighter than other over the range microwaves, needs two people to install (unless you’re very strong), and looks quite nice with the streamlined design. Only the door seems a bit light, so be gentle when closing it.

If you’re concerned that 950 watt just doesn’t seem enough, remember that those microwave ovens that have 1000 watt (usually 1.1 cubic ft) while this one is only 1.1 cubic ft. So it cooks just as fast, only less at one time.

For such a budget price, it came with the range light bulbs installed, a powerful vent, and easy controls. It works great with popcorn too. Can’t really complain that there is only one setting for the exhaust fan, and that it can be rather loud for quiet homes. They could’ve thrown in the filter as well though, but that can be bought for a few dollars.

For Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven that costs less than $105, it’s better to get the Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven ZR331ZS 1.1 cu. ft. 1000W Stainless Steel than any other cheap brands. And if you’re lucky enough to chance upon a coupon or free shipping with Amazon, this is a steal!

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