The Electrics Nostalgia offer another large Nostalgia RMO770BLK Retro Microwave Oven Series the family. This comes in different colors with a unique and elegant design retro style. The chrome details and the oval window of this microwave provide a classic look to your kitchen. This excellent microwave also comes with various unique features. It offers all modern comforts through its various tools, such as the solid control line 12 pre-programmed settings, 700W power turntable, and cooking characteristics, etc. This kitchen appliance is sized for everyday use. Now you can prepare your food easily and quickly with CF 0.7 interior cavity of the microwave oven.

I love beautiful and unique things, especially those that are vintage or retro. I love the recent trend toward designing gadgets to look like they were made in the 1950s The particular style is referred to as mid-century modern, designer style that focuses on, smooth futuristic shapes. Circles and rounded accents were often used, and chromium was always an added advantage. This is where Nostalgia Electrics took its design inspiration when making their new line of microwave ovens. I had to know if they are these new devices are all eyes or deliver all the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect from a good microwave. This is based purely on personal preference. Nostalgia Electrics All models are identical in all things, except for the color. So consider this a review of any of the four models offered by Nostalgia Electrics. They have different colors like black, red, light blue and white.

I excitedly unwrap the new microwave Nostalgia Electrics. First, I must say that this microwave is gorgeous, even more than I expected from the pictures. Red glossy finish is beautiful. The spark chrome accents. The handle has a solid feel, well built to it. I prefer a handle to a door opener button. I think it provides a high range more feel and also results in fewer problems with malfunctioning of the road. The last line of fashion feels sturdy and not cheap at all.

The unit was quiet, and popcorn went perfectly. There were very few unpopped kernels and not burned. This model is 700W; less than what I’m used to. Because of this, it took a little longer to complete popcorn, and an extra 40 seconds is needed for a snack. Control is intuitive and very easy to use. Faster and easier to use than modern looking keyboard controls found on most models. The biggest drawback of this model I have noticed during the review period is its diminutive size. One thing I regularly use my microwave to defrost large pieces of meat is frozen, like a whole chicken. Just is not enough space in this model. I also thought it was too small for a large family sized pans that generally keep pre-made in the freezer for a dinner ready to go. Because of this, I moved the microwave Nostalgia Electrics from my house to my office halfway through the review period.

We all loved this microwave oven. The size and power are perfect for individual meals and water heating for drinks, which are the two things often when it comes to cooking at home or the office. There had been a larger model that is in the beginning; this unit frees some space on the counter, we all appreciate.

Benefits of the Nostalgia RMO770BLK Retro Microwave Oven:

1. Unique and Sleek Retro-Styled Design:

The Nostalgia Electrics comes with unique and sleek retro-styled design. The simple design of this Retro microwave makes it suitable for everyday use. This retro microwave oven works well to prepare your food items easily, quickly and safely.

2. Great and Classic Looking:

The Nostalgia Electrics comes with red color stylish design. The chrome accents and oval window of retro microwave provide a classic look to this microwave oven. Most of the customers like this product for its great and classic looking.

3. Easy to Operate

The Nostalgia Electrics microwave oven is simple enough and very easy to operate. It’s also easy for beginners.

4. Easy to Clean:

The Nostalgia Electrics is very easy to maintain and clean. You can simply wipe away oil or grease from the surfaces.

5. The fit on Any Kitchen Counter:

This handy appliance is sized in this way that it fits with any kitchen counter. This microwave oven may be a great choice for a theater room or rac room. It may be a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Features of the Electrics Nostalgia Microwave Oven:

  • The dimensions of the Nostalgia RMO770BLK Retro Microwave Oven are 18 x 14.2 x 10.2 inches
  • Size: 23 pounds
  • Color: Black and Red
  • Capacity: .7 cubic foot
  • 700W cooking power
  • Comes with unique sleek and retro styling with chrome accents
  • Features Dial Controls
  • Comes with 12 pre-programmed setting for a variety of foods.
  • An appliance built with Electrical Standards of North America.


  • The unique and stylish design retro style
  • Easy to use. It is also easy for beginners
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for any kitchen countertop
  • Great appearance
  • Lovely
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Multi-functional
  • Payable Price


  • Large and heavy
  • Produce overheats
  • Few customers realized that stopped working within three months

Where to buy?

Therefore, if you decide to buy this excellent oven retro style unique and stylish microwave, you must go to the Amazon.comAmazon is the best place to buy this microwave oven. We also offer discounts and free shipping for the product.


Nostalgia RMO770BLK Retro Microwave Oven, provided by Nostalgia Electrics is a precious microwave oven. It looks perfect in any kitchen retro style dinner. Most customers like this article for its unique design and a great look. Overall, I like this microwave oven. I think it’s a perfect complement to my office and stay there. However, this is a compact microwave oven something and, as such, may not be well suited to large families. Pay close attention to the size if you are interested in this model. See how it measures up to microwave ovens has used in the past. Some people love a smaller unit because it does not use as much counter space. Most compact microwave ovens have a cheap feel to them; this model does not. So if a small unit is what you need, this may be the right choice for you.

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